Seven things:


  • These beautiful pictures of microscopic plankton make you realize where we’ve been pulling our ideas from for science fiction films. They also make you realize how little you actually know about the ocean and it’s stunning creatures. It really is a whole new world down there.
  • I’ve been looking for the perfect black cardigan and I’ve found it at Loft. It’s the perfect length, cut, and it’s super soft.
  • This article is about the seven essential behaviors of creative people rings true. Learn how to help channel your creativity!
  • Bringing back this blog post from last year talking about five ways to beat the winter blues because lets face it, this time change started bring them out a few weeks ago.
  • This Christmas video is the kid version of drunk history. Kids tell the Christmas story, adults act it out. Super cute!
  • I’ve been loving this Instagram account (especially her stories). Lynzy is a mother of three in the medical field and her page is lifestyle based. She covers a lot but she does try ons at different stores each week and I’ve enjoyed them because they always gives me really good outfit ideas.
  • Samaritans Purse released their holiday giving catalog. It has a TON of amazing causes to give to, and they’ll send you a card for it if you’d like to give a donation as a gift to a loved one!

Some Links to Love before Starting your Busy Week


  • Successful people tend to be those who are productive, here’s a post about the six things that those people do daily.
  • This etsy shop that’s selling jewelry based on your favorite cities. The Rome one has me dreaming about my vacation there.
  • Stressed? Spend some time in the stars- or better yet creating your own. I love the relaxing and artsy ways behind this galaxy creator.
  • This dove beauty commercial making me have all the emotions.
  • I’m not a Cyrus family lover, but I recently discovered the oldest daughter is a style blogger and have enjoyed looking through her edgy outfits. (plus she has a horse and you know how I feel about those.)
  • “Social media is not real life, but that’s not the problem.” is the title of this blog post discussing Essena O’Neill and her big statement that shook the insta world this month. A great read.