How to have a Minimalist Wardrobe without having to Commit to a Capsule Wardrobe:


Remember this outfit of the day? It was a staple all last fall and I’m excited to wear it again. I’m trying to buy less this fall, and winter, and next spring. Why? Because I want a more minimal wardrobe.

I know capsule wardrobes are all the rage over the blogging world right now, but to be honest, I’m not that committed.  And when I see something I really really want, I don’t think I should have to throw out another shirt I also really want. I don’t think we can set limits on how many articles of clothing we should have, especially these extreme ones that say 10 items per season. They wouldn’t like my sweater drawer at all.

I understand the drive though, to live a simpler life, less materialistic drives, and have a more defined style. It makes sense, but there are ways you can do this without going to capsule wardrobe. Here are my tips to do just that: Continue reading

Minimalism for us Non-Minimalists:

twigs 015.JPG

If you’re anything like me you love the idea of minimalism, but the practice… it’s a little too much! Or- uh- not enough. I’m the farthest thing form a hoarder, all the stuff I have I do use, but the thing is, I use a lot of things. You don’t see me moving into a tiny house anytime soon, or selling everything and moving down to a fifteen piece capsule wardrobe. It’s interesting, it’s cool, but I’m not committed. So what do I recommend for people like me?

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OOTD: Classes and Sunshine

IMG_2170gg IMG_2172

Shirt: Banana Republic // Jeans: Joe Jeans // Sandals: Target

I’ve been loving simple lines and looser clothes lately. This top has a little leather strip along the collar that goes down father in the back, which gives some detail to an otherwise very simple top. I don’t know though, I’ve been digging on the minimalistic looks lately. They’re easy and make me feel put together without much work. It’s great for school, or anything really.

Everyone knows how expensive Joe Jeans are, but I found these guys on a super sell where I got three pair for the price one pair would be normally. Needless to say I was stoked. Honestly they fit great and the front pockets you can fit a smart phone into. That’s unheard of in girl jeans.

The sandals were also two for the price of one, so I guess you could say that this outfit was a deal. It’s nice when it works out that way.

Interior Inspiration: Farm House Style.

11Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

Ya’ll may not know, but ever since I was about 13, my goal in life when it came to home ownership, was to “live in a white house with a front porch”. The exact details have shifted a bit in time. When I was 13 it was going to be located in a neighborhood like the one I grew up in. Now it’s more located outside of town, within a short drive, with a big yard, maybe enough land to have a horse or two out there with me. Long in short I went from wanting a more suburb styled house to a farm house, just in the same color with a front porch.

Well, the older I get the more and more I find myself interested in design and the more time I spend binge watching HGTV and DIY (want to watch something with this taste? Fixer Upper, it’s a favorite. Also, Rehab Addict). So I thought I’d share some of my favorite style inspirations. It’s clear to say they’re farm house inspired. The only real conflict with my taste? I’m hoping for kids some time in the long run, and, I’m in love with white interiors. Talk about hand prints, constant repainting, and bleach.

What’s your style? Does it match your lifestyle? Where do you pull inspiration from?

Lookbook: Banana Republic

I’ve seen a few posts about “the new Banana Republic“, and as a long time fan of Banana Republic I can say that I love it even more now. I’m a big fan of classics re imagined and I feel like a lot of the new looks are just that. Plus they all have such clean lines. Here are my favorites from the line!

Fall Fashion Recap


The real question isn’t whether or not I dress right for the weather, it’s whether or not I’m ever seen out of boots and jeans when it’s a little colder out. The answer to that question is 90% no. I’m a denim lover from the bottom of my heart. Most my jeans are American Eagle, because, well, I found that they fit my body type in 8th grade and stuck with them. Boots? I’m a sucker for Madden Girl, that’s where my booties are from. My riding boots are years and years old and need to be replaced, but they are from the Coconut brand. Black boots are from Target, because who doesn’t love cheap and cute shoes?! Now, I should put a disclaimer that these photos were taken last fall (and damn was my hair short) because we didn’t have fall weather this year! We went straight from summer to winter in North Carolina, but as everyone winds down their fall favorites I thought I should too, because anyways, all of these things are still worn on the regular (besides the stripped Forever 21 shirt that I ripped). In fact, I think I wear my Express leather jacket every other day. (and they still sell it and its 40% OFF TODAY)

Someone asked me to explain my fashion style the other day and I didn’t know what to tell them.

  • I’m a minimalist who likes jewel tones more than naturals.
  • I’m a oxford/southern prep who hates loud patterns.
  • I like classic cuts and to be comfy.
  • I live in denim, it’s in my cowgirl blood.
  • I would wear leather boots every day if it was cold year round.