Dreaming: Fontana Lake

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One of my closest friends and I were a little fed up with this summer and made a last minute effort trying to resurrect it. With my neighboring offering up his mountain house we headed off to Fontana Lake in the mountains of North Carolina. Turns out they upped the age limit for boat driving, but we were more than happy going at it on the paddle boats.

Nothing is more detoxing than being surrounded by nature with no cell or web access. As much as I love this little corner of the web and my dear time on tumblr and instagram… fact be, it’s so important to get away from it all. We aren’t meant to live online all the time.

Blooms and Thunder:

IMG_2102IMG_2110 IMG_2106 IMG_2104© Anna Katherine Oates, 2015, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

It’s been almost too hot to go outside lately, but every now and then the temperature will drop as the clouds blow over and a storm rolls in. I try to make a dash then, camera in hand. Something about storm clouds have always excited me, yet somehow when I’m going through the pictures later, it’s always the pictures taken under the clouds that incite me. They’re normally a little moody- but always somehow lit up correctly.

Sunset Dunes

IMG_7647 IMG_7655 IMG_7672

© Anna Katherine Oates, 2015, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

These were taken in Bald Head Island, a little place off the coast of North Carolina that doesn’t allow cars. Everyone is on golf carts or bikes, sea turtles are (protected) neighbors, and the stars shine 100xs brighter because of light laws.

It’s a beautiful place without any doubt. I love what a bright sunset will do to the lighting in my photos. Loved these shots.

Lily’s of the Day:

IMG_1591 IMG_1595 IMG_1598

© Anna Katherine Oates, 2015, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

The day lilies are blooming in my back yard and I’m still craving a zoom lens- these weren’t taken with one. Flower details are one of my favorite things to photograph, for obvious reasons, these are great because of the details of veining and grains of pollen. Also, lilies are always one of the best flowers when it comes to scent.

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The Bumble:

002 00991003© Anna Katherine Oates, 2015, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

These guys are so docile that you can pet them if you want too. I like them around but my dad’s not so thrilled because they are carpenter bees and keep making holes in the pool fence. Regardless, they’re cool, friendly, and help the flowers.