A Beautiful Start to the Week:


Hey everyone, sorry for the two weeks of darkness. I needed a little bit to get my head on straight. It’s been a crazy semester year. Still, slowly moving forward, even though I don’t feel like I’m making much progress. The flowers are helping though, and all the beautiful green coming up in the trees. There are more pictures of them below the read more, my campus is simply lit up with beauty. I can’t tell you how good it is for my soul.

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Hot Springing:


If you had told me I’d be in a bikini in 14 degrees I would have told you were insane. Well this week it was true. Half soaked in 115 degree water. Half is being snowed on. It was a cool experience to say the least.

Also snow and steam make for some nice photos. I took about thirty, but these three were my favorites. There was only one down side of the hot springs and that was that they were crowded. We went to the Chena Hot Springs right outside of Fairbanks, and while it was busy the activities were so much fun. We went snow mobile riding and on a northern light tour (more on that later).

I learned some interesting things about hot springs:

  • If your hair is completely frozen- don’t bend it! It’ll break.
  • If it turns your nice silver jewelry bronze- don’t panic! Rub some toothpaste on them, they’ll be good as new.

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Mountain Love: Escape to Virginia


I spent New Years in Virginia- right outside of Hubbard -at my aunts house. While the farm was great (you’ve seen the pigs – their fb page is here) the views were out of this world too. Her house sits right on top of a mountain. We hiked a bit and I stood for a good thirty minutes on the back porch taking pictures of this sunset. I can understand the drive to be out there. It was all around peaceful and slow, and I can’t imagine a life completely like that, but boy do I hope I have it some day soon.

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Out of the Office: Adventuring.


Last weekend I spent a day adventuring with my dad on the old family farm. It was really magical- but I think that was more spending the day with my dad. He had some really awesome stories about the place. I have been there before, but not since I was really little. Those rocks I’m sitting on? I have had my picture there before. I need to find the other one when I’m home over break.

I think I often overlook how blessed I am to have the family I do. Both my parents love me and would do anything for me. I know that’s what parents are supposed to be like, but so many people are deprived the love and support I’m given day after day, mistake after mistake. Every now and then a day adventuring with my dad or exploring with my mom will remind me. I’m lucky. Really damn lucky.

Fall Colors:

006 004

North Carolina has been in and out of fall weather, but there is no question that it’s slowly getting colder and colder. Some parts of Greensboro have lost all their leaves, but campus is still colorful. I always feel like I miss fall, that I blink and the leaves have fallen and the pumpkins done away with. It’s one of the many reasons I don’t like Christmas to start till after thanksgiving. Fall is so beautiful, the weather is more mild than winter being crisp not cold, everything’s colorful, fresh apples are everywhere. Why would we want to fast forward through that?

Then again I’ve been fighting human natures want to fast forward through everything. We spend our weeks waiting for the weekends and our weekends waiting for the holidays. I’m still working on it, but how important is it to live in what’s happening and fully enjoy it.

Shots: On the Vine


Everything has been very green today, but that doesn’t surprise me because it’s the first time we’ve had a sunny day in weeks. So naturally I’m finding the way the light hits everything stunning- and blessing the rain for the rich color it’s given to the half dead grass and plants while simultaneously wishing that it never rains again.

Some people really thrive off the rain, but I’ve always sworn I was solar powered. As ridiculous as that sounds I think it’s got some truth too it. I can be having a truly terrible day and all I need to do is go out and sit in the sun for a little bit to recharge.

So for those who can’t make it out (or have rain above them) enjoy some sunshine lit pictures to lighten your day!

Dreaming: Fontana Lake

tumblr_ntcpa3rLop1qzb3obo1_500Mt. Trip 029tumblr_ntcqlaHugR1qzb3obo1_500 Mt. Trip 031 tumblr_ntctprw9Z21qzb3obo1_500Mt. Trip 107

One of my closest friends and I were a little fed up with this summer and made a last minute effort trying to resurrect it. With my neighboring offering up his mountain house we headed off to Fontana Lake in the mountains of North Carolina. Turns out they upped the age limit for boat driving, but we were more than happy going at it on the paddle boats.

Nothing is more detoxing than being surrounded by nature with no cell or web access. As much as I love this little corner of the web and my dear time on tumblr and instagram… fact be, it’s so important to get away from it all. We aren’t meant to live online all the time.

Blooms and Thunder:

IMG_2102IMG_2110 IMG_2106 IMG_2104© Anna Katherine Oates, 2015, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

It’s been almost too hot to go outside lately, but every now and then the temperature will drop as the clouds blow over and a storm rolls in. I try to make a dash then, camera in hand. Something about storm clouds have always excited me, yet somehow when I’m going through the pictures later, it’s always the pictures taken under the clouds that incite me. They’re normally a little moody- but always somehow lit up correctly.