Photo Diary: Georgia Aquarium

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Before I left for Atlanta I decided I was going to record the entire trip to a T. Well, I only did that at the aquarium, other than that it was just a few group selfies. The only reason I did at the aquarium was because everything was so jaw dropping. I’m trying to find a better balance in recording and living, because I feel like I’m bouncing between the extremes.

But as for the aquarium, it was the best one I’ve ever been to. The pure size of the whale sharks was stunning (they said their biggest was 20ft!). The beluga whale that chased it’s own air rings around the tank. The sea lion show!!! They didn’t let us take pictures during it, but guys, it was the best thing ever. Sea lions have more talent than I do.

I don’t have words, but there are some more pictures below to try and do it justice.

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The Marina:

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These are from my trip to Hilton Head, while taking the first one my dad was standing behind me asking me why I was taking a picture of the fishing poles so I showed him the picture and he goes “well, I guess that answers that.” Sometimes I have a better eye than others, but most of my good pictures come from taking pictures that seem a little silly or redundant.

But I’m not crazy, I know that the best picture is that one of the two dolphins and the boat. They were doing dolphin tours and I got to witness it from the dock without paying a cent!