Our Wedding Shoot: Becoming a Smith


I finally got all my wedding pictures back from my wonderful photographer (Sarah Warden Photography) and I absolutely love them! I posted over 250 of them on Facebook, but I thought I would just share the styled shoot here instead of all the candids. After all those shots don’t mean quiet as much to people who don’t know everyone involved.

I’m thrilled with how they turned out and cannot believe how wonderful that day was. It truly was the best day of my life.


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Shots: On the Vine


Everything has been very green today, but that doesn’t surprise me because it’s the first time we’ve had a sunny day in weeks. So naturally I’m finding the way the light hits everything stunning- and blessing the rain for the rich color it’s given to the half dead grass and plants while simultaneously wishing that it never rains again.

Some people really thrive off the rain, but I’ve always sworn I was solar powered. As ridiculous as that sounds I think it’s got some truth too it. I can be having a truly terrible day and all I need to do is go out and sit in the sun for a little bit to recharge.

So for those who can’t make it out (or have rain above them) enjoy some sunshine lit pictures to lighten your day!


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Little Joys: On Insta This Week

Untitled-2It’s been a very busy first week of the semester. I’ve got less college in front of me than behind me. It’s a little crazy to think that I’m halfway through my junior year. I feel like sophomore year didn’t happen at all. There’s been a lot of socializing this week, so much time spent catching up that the pictures were nonexistence. So, this week looks a lot less exciting than it actually was. What’s pictured is important though. Lots of time with my little boy, one of the sweetest letters that has ever been written to me (exploring friendship and love), and my blog by the fire, because well, I’ve neglected it a little bit this week. It was just a choice to socialize with people I hadn’t seen in a month or blog, so the loved ones in my life won out this time. I promise I’m not going anywhere though! I’ve got a few more posts this week!

Gastonia, North Carolina

a6a2Every year we go over to Gastonia to celebrate Christmas with my extended family. It was a long time favorite of mine growing up because my dad’s uncle used to run a dairy farm, and we’d get to spend the time playing with the cows both young and old. We were even allowed to milk them. It was great fun I assure you. But about two to three years ago they retired, meaning the cows were sold and the land has been left behind. I haven’t thought much about it, but today when I got out of the car, I noticed how beautiful everything was now that it had gotten the chance to overgrow. So I grabbed my two cousins after dinner and made them go out exploring with me. I couldn’t resist, and I knew there was a reason I brought my camera.
a3a5a4a9It’s pretty amazing how nature takes back everything even in just a couple of years. I’ve always been a bit admired with abandoned amusement park and theater buildings that you see in all these really famous photo sets. It somehow captures me.a11 Untitled-2 Untitled-3It was a good day, full of exploring, playing soccer, and good snacks. I hope everyone else is having a good start to this weekend!

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