Fall at Reynolda


In the middle of last spring I ended up going to Reynolda Gardens in Winston Salem (NC) for the first time. Given the season everything was beautiful and in bloom. You can see all those photos here.

Now that it’s fall it’s a little different. They’ve still got a few things in bloom, some letting off some serious colors like the one below, but for the most part it’s a lot subtler. Still, the green house proves to be ¬†beautiful any time of year and I’m excited that my doctors office is right down the road. It means I get to pop in every now and then and explore. Continue reading

Magnolias: The Flower of the South


I have two favorite scents, and they’re both flowers. One of them is honeysuckles and the other is the stately magnolia. We have a magnolia tree in the front yard of my parents house, not only did I spend the earlier years of my life climbing up to the second story view, I also spent the early summer weeks with my house smelling like their blooms.

Continue reading

Pinecone Flowers:


© Anna Katherine Oates, 2015, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

My new tactic when it comes to photographing things in nature, is to treat everything as a flower. It might not be a tactic I can use 24/7 but it worked when it came to these pinecones. We tend to only look for beauty in things like flowers, when in reality there is beauty all over the place. Sometimes I have to be reminded of that looking through the camera lens.

Spring Has Sprung:


© Anna Katherine Oates, 2015, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

I apologize for having disappeared for a month or so, things are getting crazy here at school and I haven’t had time to take good pictures, or anything more than a few clicks of the smart phone. I will do better, I promise and return to my two to three time a week posting. But for now have some of the yellow beauties springing up all over my back yard at home.