Three CD’s That Need to be Added to Your Road Trip Playlist:

Every now and then you’ll come across a album that makes you wish the drive was longer just so you could finish it. They’re rare, but when they come they tend to stick on your playlist for not weeks but months.

They get down in your soul, they say something to you. They’re just right.

Since they are so hard to find I thought I would share my three favorites. They’re all fairly recent albums and they aren’t super main stream- so there is still a chance I might be able to introduce you to something you love.

And the best part? You won’t want to skip a single song on the album.


Matt Wertz – Gun Shy


I found Matt Wertz when he was the opening act for a band I went to see called Parachute. Normally with opening acts you end up downloading one of their songs and calling it a day. Wertz was different. I bought his CD on the spot, and it was a great one, but his new one, Gun Shy, has stolen my heart. I’ve only had it on my playlist for about a week and I already know the words to every song. For some reason it hits me just right when listening to it with the windows rolled down at night. You can find it on Spotify here.

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Startin’ Up Summer Playlist:


It’s officially summer, or at least, it’s hot enough now to be. Summer means happy get together’s and cruises to work with the window down. Those both call for a great playlist!

Here’s what I’ve been jamming too for the past few days:

  • The Fighter, Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood
  • Be As You Are- JordanXL Remix, Mike Posner
  • Livin’ The Dream, Drake White
  • Rare, Gwen Stefani

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An April Playlist that’s no Joke


Lately I’ve been listening to a ton of music, but for blog post reasons I’ve narrowed the selection down to my current top eight.

  • Fix, Chris Lane
  • New Orleans, Parachute
  • What if I Stay, Chris Young
  • Vandalizer, Sam Hunt
  • Lone Ranger, Rachel Platten
  • My Baby’s Guns N’ Roses, Brantley Gilbert
  • Jennie, Parachute
  • Heartbeat, Chris Young

If you’d like to see my whole playlist, you can see it here.

Listen Up! My Current Playlist


  • America’s Sweetheart, Elle King
  • T-Shirt, Thomas Rhett
  • Beating Me Up, Rachel Platten
  • Next Boyfriend, Lauren Alaina
  • Tangled, Thomas Rhett
  • Tattoo, Hilary Duff
  • Hung Over on Heartache, Cam

Listen to this playlist and more great songs here on Spotify! I just started an account so it’s literally the only finished playlist, but it’s a great one, so there’s merit in that.

Listen Up! My August Playlist


Can you have a summer without music? I really don’t think so. This summer I’ve been into the kind of music you play while driving through the country side while a storm is rolling in. I actually can’t think of a better way to descried this playlist. Please enjoy!

  • Burning House // Cam
  • World Still Round // Logan Brill
  • Cowboy Side of You // Clare Dunn
  • Single for the Summer // Sam Hunt
  • The Bees // Logan Brill
  • Amen // Love and Theft
  • Missing You Tonight // Striking Matches
  • Fire // Autumn Hill