“I’m starting first thing tomorrow. Today has already been lost.”


I’ve written a lot about habits and goals and getting out of ruts lately. It’s because I’ve been in a few of them. My life is going really well, but there are minor aspects of it need to be ignited again. Hobbies need to be restarted. Diets need to be started. Friends need to be reached out to.

But I’m having problems jump starting it because I, like a lot of people, want to start tomorrow. Tomorrow normally doesn’t come, or if it does, I make a mistake and then announce that I might as well start the next day and not count today, because, who wants to start with a failure?

Already ate a doughnut? We’ve ruined the diet we might as well eat poorly the rest of the day and start clean tomorrow. Already procrastinated past your scheduled work time? Might as well just try again tomorrow, no reason to start late. Ran out of time in your week to see friends, might as well wait till next week instead of reaching out. It’s constant. Tomorrow is always better even when we said it yesterday. It’s a cycle and one we honestly don’t want to break because it’s hard to break and we don’t want to put in the work.

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Hacks to Living Life to It’s Fullest:



If you’re like me- you spend a little too much time online. A little too much time ‘relaxing’. A little too much time putting off the things you need to do, which in turn keeps you from being able to do the things you want. Procrastination is hardly a out of reach concept for anyone in their early twenties, especially when you’re in college. And though, you’re hopefully like me and pull through anyways, it means that you’re lacking a bit when it comes to living life fuller.

So here are some tips to go about living louder, fuller, and just all together better:

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Nine ways to beat Procrastination and Improve Productivity:


  1. Give yourself a break every 45 minutes even if it’s just to listen to a song, get a snack, fill up a water bottle, or chat with your co-worker/roommate. That way you’ll check facebook after you work for 45 minutes.
  2. Get rid of email notifications on your phone because you always check them right then and they’re never urgent- and, hey, while your doing that get rid of the junk use this site to see what your subscribed to and simply click one after another to get rid of them for good!
  3. Okay- and instagram, tumblr, and twitter. I mean, have you ever gotten an urgent instagram notification? And don’t you check it enough anyways?
  4. Learn how long it takes you to read 50 pages and give yourself an extra ten minutes. This right here will keep you from waiting till too late, and it will also let you schedule properly around it. Hey- you can do this with more than reading, but always remember to budget extra time in just encase you run into problems.
  5. Make sure your assignments are organized so you don’t miss anything and realize at the last minute. It’ll also keep you from realizing there were two parts to that assignment or that you had a coffee date the night before it was due. See my planner here.IMG_2490
  6. Switch your work up if you feel your brain going numb from too much of one project after 45 minutes or so move to the next one and switch back and forth. You’ll get more done and won’t be redoing work.
  7. Keep snacks ready. When you get back from the store, pour those chips into little ziplocks or keep granola bars in a basket to grab or wash all the grapes at once when you get home. This will keep you from standing in front of the pantry for ages, spending time prepping or portioning, and it’ll keep you from gaining that “whole bag of chips” weight. Never a bad thing.
  8. Have a study/work playlist so you won’t keep switching songs every few seconds. If it has words, make sure you know them all so you won’t focus too hard on hearing them.
  9. Don’t save anything for the next morning unless you plan to give yourself an hour to wake up before. It’s a lie to say you’ll get it done and do a good job. When you acknowledge this you’ll realize that facebook is not more important than an unnecessary six AM wake up followed up by a failing grade. Ouch.

Now get out there and get stuff done!