Rainy Memories:

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I have a childhood memory of building a fake campfire under the slide base in my backyard. The rain was pouring down and we were laughing. It felt like we were on a real life adventure out in the real wild. My childhood best friend and sister all got called in half and hour later, soaking wet and smiling.

I have a elementary school memory of sitting on my grandmother’s back porch listening to the rain and her stories, lightning flashing in the sky as I tried my best to remember every word I could.

I have a middle school memory running bareback on my horse through the pouring rain. Knowing that power felt like this. Lightning was flashing, my hair dripping down my back, and I just kept pushing faster and faster. I wanted to live like that.

I have a high school memory of running and jumping into my then boyfriends arms, being spun around as the rain hit my cheeks. I remember saying “this could be our best kiss yet.”

I have a college memory of driving down a back road at dusk, with the drivers window down and the rain hitting my hand, that one album playing in the background, realizing that I felt God for the first time in years.