The dying art of the thank you note:


I’m planning a wedding, with that comes thank you notes. It and baby showers are perhaps the two occasions that we haven’t stopped sending thank you notes after. Everything else? It’s seen as going above and beyond. A text will do.

And it does do, I have used a thank you text many times. It’s certainly easier, but maybe that’s why it doesn’t mean as much. Handwritten notes simply mean more, and when do you really want people to know that something meant a lot to you? When you’re thanking them. I think it’s time to bring the thank you note back. After Christmas. After a surprise party. After being hosted for dinner or the weekend. I think we should work on how often we give hostess gifts too, but maybe I’m getting a little too southern. But hey, this is Anna Down South I’m writing on. My thank you notes currently have my monogram on them. Maybe my drive to bring in more hospitality into my life stems from my southern upbringing.

Regardless of what triggered this, I want to say that I too am lazy. In fact, I excel at being lazy, and these extra steps to show gratitude are not for the lazy, or the busy, or those of us that manage to be both. I understand that, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be a thing. If we become to busy for all common courtesies we’re going to get to the point where we slam doors in peoples faces instead of holding them open. And that’s just regressive.

So I’m proposing that we revive the dying thank you note. I’ve written about snail mail before and how it brings joy to people, I think a thank you note does that and more. Sure, it’s a bit traditional, but when you receive one you feel good about yourself, you feel like you matter, and it makes you want to act again. These are all good things, and we need a little more hospitality in this hostile world.

Why Paper Thank You Notes are still Important

Why Paper Thank You Notes are still Important

I’ve already written a quick post about why I love snail mail¬†and stated why paper mail will always have a place in my heart, but are thank you notes a little old fashion? They are basically required for weddings and baby showers, but I don’t see a lot of people sending them for birthday gifts or weekend visits anymore.

Here is three reasons why I think we should fix that:

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Why we should bring back Snail Mail:


I think snail mail is making a comeback (or at least I’m going to pretend it is). As slow living is coming back into style I think the joy of letters are as well. They take longer, a text message is much quicker, but a letter, has much more meaning and it’s effects last a lot longer.

I keep letters, in fact, I hoard them. I cherish them, why wouldn’t I? It’s like having a little piece of your friends life right in your hands. A memory on paper. Something that can screen shot your relationship.

Plus? Nothing is more thoughtful. Having a friend send you a thank you text is sweet, but having them send a thank you letter tells you that they’re not only thankful for you, but deem you worthy of their time.

Cute stationary never hurts. I find most of mine in the Target One Dollar bin, but if you want to get fancy, go explore etsy these are some of my favorites.