OOTD: Classes and Sunshine

IMG_2170gg IMG_2172

Shirt: Banana Republic // Jeans: Joe Jeans // Sandals: Target

I’ve been loving simple lines and looser clothes lately. This top has a little leather strip along the collar that goes down father in the back, which gives some detail to an otherwise very simple top. I don’t know though, I’ve been digging on the minimalistic looks lately. They’re easy and make me feel put together without much work. It’s great for school, or anything really.

Everyone knows how expensive Joe Jeans are, but I found these guys on a super sell where I got three pair for the price one pair would be normally. Needless to say I was stoked. Honestly they fit great and the front pockets you can fit a smart phone into. That’s unheard of in girl jeans.

The sandals were also two for the price of one, so I guess you could say that this outfit was a deal. It’s nice when it works out that way.

That Chambray Shirt:


Jacket: Express // Boots: Kenneth Cole // Jeans: American Eagle // Top: Gap

Today was one of those great days were you don’t even sit down till late in the day because your so busy enjoying yourself. I spent the day bargain hunting at the shopping center with a good friend before heading off to lunch with her. Long talks, good food, and a new dress? What could go wrong? I came home and knocked out a few chores. Now I’m settling down for a little bit and relaxing. How was your day? An adventures take place?


Outfit of the Day: Soft Blurs and Mixed Materials

Untitled-6I’ve felt my style slowly transition to a more classic cut/minimalist one. I’ve never been huge on patterns, but I like some contrast for my outfit, these boots are actually English riding boots, but I wear them everyday. I’ll leave my cowboy boots for the farm. The brown detailing on both the boots and the camera bag capture my heart. I honestly would own all leather products if I could afford them, but alas I cannot. So I stick for leather detailing.

Lookbook: Banana Republic

I’ve seen a few posts about “the new Banana Republic“, and as a long time fan of Banana Republic I can say that I love it even more now. I’m a big fan of classics re imagined and I feel like a lot of the new looks are just that. Plus they all have such clean lines. Here are my favorites from the line!