Rising above victimhood:



Being bullied made me a victim. Being stigmatized made me a victim. Being sick for so long made me a victim. Being ignored made me a victim.  Being cast aside when I was qualified made me a victim. I could go on, but I think you get the point. A lot of things in my life have made me a victim, and I bet a lot of things in your life have too, but that doesn’t mean we should embrace victimhood or even accept that title.

I have found that refusing to be a victim, even in cases were people would agree that we are one, is a powerful move that can help us not only heal, but rise above whatever is holding us down.

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Motivation and Action: What the key to success is.


“If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.”
― Lemony Snicket

I’m here to talk about motivation. Motivation is a really magical thing. It’s something that gets our blood pumping and it gets us excited about getting done what we need to get done. Motivation, some would argue, is a key to success.

I’ve read blog posts on blog posts on how to get motivated. There are a lot of way to try and create motivation, reading certain things, listening to certain things, triggering any sort of inspiration we can find. We should try and be motivated, it’s a good thing.

Motivation, however, is not the key to success.

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Success, Entrepreneurship, & Branding

IMG_1694I’ve been reading everything that I can get my hands on about success, branding, and entrepreneurship lately. Which in the blogging world isn’t too far reached. However, I’m not planning to turn this blog into a business. I would love at some point to be able to make a little money off of it, but it’s not what I have in mind for my career. My focus over the last few years have been in graphic design, or more so layout. After working for my school’s newspaper and the literary magazine I found my fit. I have an eye for design and a heart for creativity. I’m a design minor with a concentration in photography and an English major. I love practical creativity and luckily I’ve felt our world shift towards it in the past few years.

So even though I’m not planning to start my own business, entrepreneurship is great to read up on. It gives you so many levels of inspiration and wisdom. It also teaches a lot of about work ethic and personal scheduling. Here are the main lessons I’ve gathered:

  • Success comes from the mouths of those who dare to push the limits.
  • Loving your work isn’t enough, you have to live it as well.
  • Balancing everything rest and go time is important to keep sane.
  • Make time to build relationships in your industry and out.
  • Inspiration has to be refreshed daily.
  • You can’t make everything you love into successful work, but you can love your work.
  • Adapt to everything. Be flexible in the details not the big picture.
  • Till you try you’ll never know.

Maybe the drive behind the branding side of it comes from finally knowing myself front and back. I know that the degree of self-awareness will shift as I change, but now that I’ve got the basics down I can handle a change in details. Maybe now that I’ve figured myself out I’m free to share who I am with the world.

Success: It’s Tied to Your Confidence


Okay, I don’t want to sound like a broken record player saying “confidence is key” over and over again, but it has a lot to do with being happy, and it has even more to do with success. Can you be successful without being super confident? Of course, but there are plenty of studies that show that success and confidence feed off each other.

Why? Because confidence drives us to try new things that we might not without. It increases our chances of rebounding successfully and quickly, because we don’t take failure as personally, rather more of an occupational hazard. People with self confidence are better at selling themselves and more likely to get the job. And a big one? Self confident people are less likely to constantly compare themselves to other, because they know that though the other person is great, they have their pluses too, even if they are different.

Some tips to help raise your self convenience:

  • Know yourself: Knowing yourself is the first step to getting to the point to accepting your flaws (while still working on them of course) and knowing your strengths. Get to the point that you can ramble off ten or fifteen things you absolutely love about yourself talent wise, then do it again physically, and again emotionally/relationship wise. When you start this it’ll be super hard, you might have to make the lists over a few weeks to begin with. But get to the point that you know your strengths and you know your pluses.
  • Build on them: Okay, so you know what you’re good at, how can you be even better at them? Constantly grow. Constantly improve. Keep it up to date, it’ll bring you pride and it’ll bring to confidence.
  • Stop critiquing others: Yeah, gossip is everywhere, and I don’t think it’s possible to rid yourself of it completely, but when you get better about seeing the good in others, you’ll also get better at seeing the good in yourself. See people’s effort, see people’s humor, see people’s dedication. In return you’ll start seeing yours.
  • Stop comparing: I know this is a tip everyone knows, but maybe if people say it enough it’ll be so embedded in your head that when you go “he’s so much better at this than me,” you can shake your head at yourself and say “I’m good in a different way” or “of course he is I just started to learn about this a few months ago, give me a few more and I’ll be better.” You won’t stop comparing yourself completely, but you can get to the point where you correct yourself right after, and then the number of times you have to do that will slowly decrease.