6 Things you Should do this Summer:


What’s that? Summer is in full blast?

Whether you’re working full-time or part-time, it’s important to have some fun in the sun, and lucky for us that means till around nine o’clock. In some ways, it’s nice that you have to work in the heat of the day, that means the cool mornings and evenings are all yours.

So gather your friends, and have an answer when someone asks “What should we do?”

  • Kayaking or paddle boarding: Most lakes have a place were you can rent a kayak or board for the day. Check Google and see if it’s true of one near you. It’s a nice way to get your exercise in, and once you work up a sweat, all you have to do is jump in to cool off.
  • Small outdoor concerts: Sometimes when we think of festivals and outdoor concerts we think Coachella- but that’s not what I’m talking about. Downtown Greensboro does beach music nights. A lot of small craft festivals have performers.  They don’t even have to be outdoors, check your city’s (or the closest neighboring one) webpage or Facebook. There are normally at least a few fun freebie’s planned!

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Blue Hydrangeas in North Carolina:


I know this blog has been a little flower crazy in the last few weeks. I love doing photography posts, because I think they add beauty to this blog- and this time of year, all I can seem to take pictures of are blooms.

Hydrangea’s are great because their blooms will last all summer if they are planted in the right shade/light ratio. We have pink and blue ones in my parents yard. All beyond beautiful, but since blue is my favorite color these have a special place in my heart.

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Startin’ Up Summer Playlist:


It’s officially summer, or at least, it’s hot enough now to be. Summer means happy get together’s and cruises to work with the window down. Those both call for a great playlist!

Here’s what I’ve been jamming too for the past few days:

  • The Fighter, Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood
  • Be As You Are- JordanXL Remix, Mike Posner
  • Livin’ The Dream, Drake White
  • Rare, Gwen Stefani

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Magnolias: The Flower of the South


I have two favorite scents, and they’re both flowers. One of them is honeysuckles and the other is the stately magnolia. We have a magnolia tree in the front yard of my parents house, not only did I spend the earlier years of my life climbing up to the second story view, I also spent the early summer weeks with my house smelling like their blooms.

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Blooms and Thunder:

IMG_2102IMG_2110 IMG_2106 IMG_2104© Anna Katherine Oates, 2015, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

It’s been almost too hot to go outside lately, but every now and then the temperature will drop as the clouds blow over and a storm rolls in. I try to make a dash then, camera in hand. Something about storm clouds have always excited me, yet somehow when I’m going through the pictures later, it’s always the pictures taken under the clouds that incite me. They’re normally a little moody- but always somehow lit up correctly.

Outfit of the Day: Teals, Keys, & Cherry Coke

IMG_1548imSome high(er) waisted shorts along with a plain T-shirt. Actually the most expensive thing I’m wearing is the necklace, the rest is Forever 21. I really like their basics even though some of their other stuff is a little much for me. When it comes to my sense of style I’m pretty much a minimalist with a little extra color added. Simple lines are best.

I wore this to Food Lion, and in the parking lot my 12 pack of Cherry Coke Zero busted open and they rolled everywhere, under cars, down the hill- so I go to pick them up- when I do so my purse flips and dumps it’s contents. I could have screamed. I’m sure it’s a funny story though, so I thought I’d tell it for laughs. There was a nice woman who helped me out. I hope she got some serious good karma.