Life Updates: The First of May


I know post grad is complicated for everyone, but I feel like I’ve done a number on it these last two years. Between becoming deathly ill with Lyme Disease, changing up my bipolar medications, and trying to tackle normal post grad activities, it’s gotten a little crazy at times.

My battle with Lyme is not over, I don’t quite have it in remission yet, though I’ve been doing so well that we’ve finally started cutting back my antibiotics. I’ve been thrilled about that because being on antibiotics for a year and a half is really brutal on the body. I’m also excited because my activity level has returned to normal. I feel like I’m finally able to live my life instead of watching it fly by me while I sit unable to move on the sofa.

Health really is something you don’t truly appreciate till its gone, but I don’t think that’s a mistake I’m going to make again. After losing a year and a half to this disease and having another six months slowed by it, I can proudly say that I’m going to enjoy any health my body can manage to give me, because there is so much I want to do and see, and I didn’t realize how lucky I was because I got bit by that horse fly.

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6.29.16: Life Updates


Life has been a little crazy lately- not that I really expected anything different. Graduating college and being thrown into the real world can jolt anyone.┬áIt feels like I’ve been out longer than a month and a half. I can’t tell if that’s because it has been so good or so stressful, because as it turns out, stress and goodness can come at once.

I’m not exactly working a full time job, and by that, I mean I’m not. I’m currently working two part time jobs. One of these is in the field I want to be in (social media and PR- go figure) and I’m really loving the opportunity and I feel so blessed to have been offered it. There also might be a possibility of a full time job coming out of one of these part times, which would be a dream.

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Monday Updates:


Hey guys! I’ve kept my Alaska queue going all week and it’s a good thing. I’ve been slammed. It’s not over though, the next few weeks I’ll be burning both ends as I try to finish up this semester. It’s hard to believe that in six weeks I’ll no longer be a college student, but I’m so excited about it! If you had asked me in August I would have said that college has flown by faster than I could have imagined- but just because I thought that, this year has drug on and on. I’m so ready to hang up that cap and gown.

Needless to say Anna Down South will probably be changing a bit after graduation- but no worries, it’s not going anywhere. I guess ya’ll will just get to watch the twists and turns as they happen. Life’s about to get a little unpredictable as I try to navigate the “real world”. I’m currently job searching, which has been crazy and stressful, but hopefully I’ll land somewhere sometime soon. If you’ve got anyone space in your prayers I’m going to ask you to send one up to the big man for me.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter full of family and love, and I hope that any students following me make it through the last final weeks alright.

Till next time, Anna.


Anna Down South Updates


Hey guys, just thought I drop in to give you a few updates about the blog!

  • Anna Down South now has a lot fewer categories to choose from in the drop down for easier navigation. It should be a lot easier to understand. The one thing you might have problems finding is my college posts- which are now under lifestyle. Don’t forget that there is also a search bar in my sidebar!
  • You might have noticed our posting is finally regular again with one to two posts a week. This is manageable for me and will be where I keep it.
  • Our social media is buzzing check Anna Down South out on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram! The tumblr is great for inspiration posts and the instagram to keep up with my life!

I want to know what your favorite kind of post is so I can post more of that type, please comment below if it’s the crafts, photography, clothes or whatever else!