Best Boot Forward

IMG_0460Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft // Leggings: Victoria Secret // Boots: Kenneth Cole

I think every girl should go through an epiphany that they do in fact look decent with their hair pulled back. I swear, I didn’t have mine till last semester. Hair, make up, clothing, they all fall under things that we can switch up. I have a lot of friends who went through a really heavy make up stage, and nothing is wrong with that, as long as you’re aware that you’re beautiful with and without it. Clothing isn’t something that should be stressed about, brands are nice but they don’t need to be exclusive. Clothing should be worn because it makes you feel good about yourself, no other reason.

Real Talk: Aerie’s Body Revolution

So, we all know, and have heard over and over, about the media over airbrushing, making everyone thinner, taking away creases when people are bent at the waist (for God’s sake!). And we know and have been told how bad this is for young girls, and to be honest, older girls as well. I’ve been playing the “just take it with a grain of salt” game. Were I just honestly, try to ignore how we view bodies while trying to accept my own.

Well, this has never been a topic that’s been something you can “support” but I think I finally found my way to financially feel like maybe I can help out a few girls self confidence. And it’s by dropping all sells I do through Victoria Secret and picking them all up over at Aerie. Aerie is a little bit cheaper, but all the quality is the same. Here’s why I think you should too:

American-Eagle-Aerie-Real-Beauty-Campaign article-2541364-1ABF5C9B00000578-471_634x416enhanced-buzz-2816-1390326894-11bra-guide1-600x394All images off of Aerie.