Photo Diary: Georgia Aquarium

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Before I left for Atlanta I decided I was going to record the entire trip to a T. Well, I only did that at the aquarium, other than that it was just a few group selfies. The only reason I did at the aquarium was because everything was so jaw dropping. I’m trying to find a better balance in recording and living, because I feel like I’m bouncing between the extremes.

But as for the aquarium, it was the best one I’ve ever been to. The pure size of the whale sharks was stunning (they said their biggest was 20ft!). The beluga whale that chased it’s own air rings around the tank. The sea lion show!!! They didn’t let us take pictures during it, but guys, it was the best thing ever. Sea lions have more talent than I do.

I don’t have words, but there are some more pictures below to try and do it justice.

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The Alps: A Backyard View in Switzerland


I’m sadly not in Switzerland, though if someone would like to pay for me to go back I’d be more than willing! These photos were taken from my trip to Europe a few years ago when I went to visit my aunt in Switzerland before going with them to Spain for New Years.

The amazing thing about these photos is I was standing in my aunts neighborhood (now they live just outside of Toronto). While I was taking these photos my cousin asked me why I was taking so many pictures of “the mountains”. I was like “Catherine, these are the Alps! I know you see them everyday, but they’re a big deal.”

It makes you think about the things that you see everyday that you don’t find special anymore. There are a lot of beautiful daily sights to see.

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Alaskan Dog Sledding:


I’ve always loved speed (I race horses for crying out loud!) and I love animals, so dog sledding seemed like a great activity to invest some time in. It did not disappoint. We went sledding with Golden Heart Dog Tours and I would recommend them to anyone. Our tour guide had completed the Iditarod and two of the dogs we were riding with were ones she run with.

I didn’t know anything about dog sledding, so saying I learned a lot isn’t much of a statement, but the amount of care and skill used to run these animals is truly remarkable. Our guide fell in love with dog racing and left a lot behind to come do it. I can understand how it would be come an addiction. In fact, I could even see myself getting to that point.

It might seem like a bit of a tourist activity (and I’ll admit it is) but it was a hundred and ten percent worth it!

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Annapolis, Maryland


IMG_3301The charm of this city rivaled Charleston, South Carolina. In other words- it was as cute as a button. Riddled with cute shops and restaurants (and sparrow statues) Annapolis stole my heart. I know I went to Maryland with hopes of exploring Baltimore (which will be a later post) but I have to say Annapolis was better. If I were to live in a city I would want it to be a city like this.

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The homebody with wanderlust.

I’m one of those odd birds who wants to travel the world and see everything there is, and also never be away from home for two weeks. All my travel crazed friends cringe when I say I want to stay in my home state for good.

“But what about the world?”

“I thought you wanted see other cultures?”

I do want to see the world, I do want to witness other cultures, but I want to have my own too. I just don’t think I could travel the world without knowing exactly where or what I’m going home too. The word home embodies what I’ve been craving since birth. I need the stability. I need the comfort. I need the familiar.

So how do you balance these two?

Short vacations are a clear answer for this, I mean, you leave for a week or two and come back to a mostly unchanged home. It’s beautiful, you get to see the world, and not be gone long enough for the world to shift under your feet. Anyways, it’s how most of the world travels happen anyways. It’s easier on your wallet and your homebody heart.

But it goes past that, one of the biggest parts of wanderlust in the need to explore, and we’ve become convinced that can’t find anything new at home. That’s the danger with anything familiar, it becomes so familiar that it no longer excites us. This is what I feel like most people my age are scared off. But in reality, we know very little about our home state, our bordering towns. We don’t think to take the three hours drive to the mountains to hike because after all, if we head back that day that’s a whole six hours in the car. In reality though, the six hours in the car can make for one of the best Saturdays and travel fixes we need. Day trips are so important to a homebody with wanderlust. It keeps us sane. So why don’t you do this every few weekends? I’m guilty of this too, I feel like I don’t have enough time, but it’s funny, because every time I do it, I never feel more alive.

Here are some day trip ideas:

  • Hiking: Up to the mountains down to the woods, somewhere in the wild away from the everyday to dos. Anyways, fresh air can do some amazing things to people, spiritually, mentally, and physically.
  • Art Galleries: These guys are everywhere and we so rarely look for them. We tend to only go to the big ones (like the metropolitan and such). It’s normally a big part of someone traveling to far away cities, some kind of art, culture, and museum. This can happen right outside of your front door also, you just have to look out for them (an maybe follow them on social media).
  • The town over: This is an easy to understand one. I remember when my mom took me down to Asheville for a weekend when I was a senior in high school. We explored and hunted for good stores, restaurants, and coffee shops. It’s a nice change with a lot of exploring to fix your craving.
  • The Switch: Okay, we as humans tend to live in two different areas, the city or the country. Go to the other for just a day, whether it’s a picnic or a shopping trip, just switch it up for a few hours. It’ll be enough of a change to help.
  • Horseback/canoeing/strawberry picking: Very similar to hiking, just going outside, getting the fresh air. Just going.

Have fun, go day-tripping.

This Time During Freshman Year: Barcelona, Spain

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel a fair bit, much thanks to my aunt who lived in Switzerland for twelve years. And you know, once you’re in Europe most everything is just a train ride or short trip away. So over my winter break I hijacked my aunt, uncle, and cousins vacation and we headed off to Barcelona.
IMG_2415IMG_2413  Switzerland-Spain 052The city did not let me down. It was beautiful and very much so alive. Not only did I get to see some of the worlds most unique and interesting architecture (Sagrada Família, anyone?!) but I had a great time with family that I don’t get to see anymore. Let me tell you, the food was on point, getting used to the timing of Spanish dinners was a challenge but eating all the food put in front of me was not.
Switzerland-Spain 092 Switzerland-Spain 105 Switzerland-Spain 146We spent a lot of time shopping too, and I came home with a few interesting articles of clothing, but sadly nothing that screamed Spain! I did however get another charm for my charm bracelet. I’ve bee collecting them from all the places I’ve traveled and it’s starting to fill up. So, even though I was missing the unique products, I can back with a lot of amazing pictures and great memories. Did you know it’s tradition in Spain to try and shove twelve (huge) grapes in your mouth in the twelve seconds leading up to midnight on new years?  It’s supposed to bring you good luck if you succeed. I did, but I think I was lucky enough just to be in Spain.
Switzerland-Spain 149