Life’s too short to read bad books.


If I don’t like a book I don’t feel the need to finish it, because life is really to short to waste your time on something that isn’t doing anything for you or your soul. That’s not to say that some unpleasant things aren’t necessary, or that unpleasant things can’t lead to pleasant things later on, but generally speaking we put up with a lot of unpleasant things that we shouldn’t.

Obviously we have to do our chores and mind our manners. We don’t want to be rude and we still need to put in hard work to get positive results. I’m not talking down on any of this. Of course you need to take care of your responsibilities and the ones you love, but sometimes we continue dealing with unpleasant things far beyond when we need too. We keep reading the bad book and watching the bad show. We keep following the people on Instagram who make us feel bad about ourselves. We keep the sweater that makes us look fat. We stay friends with the people who we don’t like. We get in fights about topics we don’t care that much about. We keep doing the workouts we hate instead of finding one we like.

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