How to Blog in College:


Can we agree that most of our favorite bloggers blog from studios or gorgeously lit houses that always seem to be cleaned and decorated professionally? It leaves us beginners, a little out of luck when it comes to settings am I right? Even more so for us… college students in student housing. You know, with cinder block walls that are more yellow than white. Ugly fake wood furniture. It’s an unfortunate setting to say the least. Then it comes to money. We’re college kids. We don’t have any! What about how often we post? Do we do it around class schedules?

It’s hard to begin in a setting like this. So how do you deal?

  • Learn how to color adjust in a photo editing program. If you end up taking photos in a dorm room you’ll need to get rid of that yellow shade from the bad walls and horrible lighting.
  • Get something with a good background for product shooting. Sometimes it can be as easy as a white piece of poster board. If you want to get fancy, buy a piece of plywood and stain it, or chalkboard paint something!
  • Get outside, not just for your photos sake, but also because in college money is tight and we need to have those adventures without that kind of money. Nature is free. Go explore. Capture good pictures. Create a adventure worth talking about.
  • Buy a good tripod. Yeah, I know I just said we don’t have money. But if you’re taking your own pictures and want to be in them, this will make all the difference.
  • Post at least twice a week. Write it down in your planner. Treat the posting time like a due date, but be sure to have fun with it while doing it. It’s discipline not homework.
  • Talk about it! Hey there are a lot of people reading blogs in college. Everyone wants to hear about people who are in the same place in life they are.


3 thoughts on “How to Blog in College:

  1. sillycrazylove says:

    Great post dear! I feel your pain 😛 It is so difficult to find good lighting (reason why most of my photos are black and white) and to even find time to blog. I have noticed that if I blog about anything that I feel like sharing it is way more fun then if I blog because I said I would do a fashion, photography or whatever else post.

    Can’t wait for your next post. Good luck in college! ❤

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