OOTD: Blue Jeans in 100 Degrees


(Top: Z Supply // Jeans: Target // Shoes: Michael Antonio // Bracelets: My grandmothers)

I was going to name this outfit of the day “Girls night out” or something along those lines. But when I stepped outside to take the picture and then go to my girls night, I realized that I had just put on dark blue jeans in the 100 degree heat. Maybe not my best move, but hey, I didn’t want to wear a skirt and I can’t get into the heels with shorts trend.

Internally Happy.


I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness recently, about what it means, how to get it, and how to keep it. I’ve even been reading about it.

Happiness is achievable, we’ve all been happy before. We know it’s real, we know we’ll feel it again. The problem with happiness is it never seems to last as long as we want it too. In fact, it often feels fleeting.

When people say they want happiness in life, they mean for life. And that’s a tall order, in fact, it’s impossible. But still, here we are wanting. So what can we do to hang onto happiness longer, or at least regain it quickly after it leaves?

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Three CD’s That Need to be Added to Your Road Trip Playlist:

Every now and then you’ll come across a album that makes you wish the drive was longer just so you could finish it. They’re rare, but when they come they tend to stick on your playlist for not weeks but months.

They get down in your soul, they say something to you. They’re just right.

Since they are so hard to find I thought I would share my three favorites. They’re all fairly recent albums and they aren’t super main stream- so there is still a chance I might be able to introduce you to something you love.

And the best part? You won’t want to skip a single song on the album.


Matt Wertz – Gun Shy


I found Matt Wertz when he was the opening act for a band I went to see called Parachute. Normally with opening acts you end up downloading one of their songs and calling it a day. Wertz was different. I bought his CD on the spot, and it was a great one, but his new one, Gun Shy, has stolen my heart. I’ve only had it on my playlist for about a week and I already know the words to every song. For some reason it hits me just right when listening to it with the windows rolled down at night. You can find it on Spotify here.

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Stay Golden:


These photos are from last fall, now everything is green and lush at the farm from the rain and warm weather. There’s been so much rain that it’s been harder to take pictures out there. D’Artagnan is always orange from the clay. He’s been bathed four times this month, which is a lot for him. Continue reading

Book Review: Furiously Happy


In LET’S PRETEND THIS NEVER HAPPENED, Jenny Lawson baffled readers with stories about growing up the daughter of a taxidermist. In her new book, FURIOUSLY HAPPY, Jenny explores her lifelong battle with mental illness. A hysterical, ridiculous book about crippling depression and anxiety? That sounds like a terrible idea. And terrible ideas are what Jenny does best.


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Girl’s Night In: Wine Pairings that Pop

Skinny Pop

If you’re anything like me you social drinking doesn’t actually happen in a bar, but rather on your sofa while talking to a good friend or watching whichever show is the latest craze. (actually I’m just watching Fixer Upper- always). Honestly, I don’t even go to bars.

Skinny Pop reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in bringing you a popcorn and wine pairing list. I loved the idea, because first of all drinks and snacks are important to me, but more importantly I’m kind of obsessed with white cheddar SkinnyPop. I think I defeat the “skinny” part by eating most of a bag in one sitting- but the stuff is delicious, and I don’t feel guilty like I would if it was Doritos (my other cheesy love).

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6.29.16: Life Updates


Life has been a little crazy lately- not that I really expected anything different. Graduating college and being thrown into the real world can jolt anyone.┬áIt feels like I’ve been out longer than a month and a half. I can’t tell if that’s because it has been so good or so stressful, because as it turns out, stress and goodness can come at once.

I’m not exactly working a full time job, and by that, I mean I’m not. I’m currently working two part time jobs. One of these is in the field I want to be in (social media and PR- go figure) and I’m really loving the opportunity and I feel so blessed to have been offered it. There also might be a possibility of a full time job coming out of one of these part times, which would be a dream.

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