Smash it All:

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Everyone likes the idea of a scrapbook because everyone likes the idea of having memories you can hold and flip through. But the act of scrapbooking is stressful, you’re always worried you’ll ruin it, printing pictures is expensive (not to mention the paper and the stickers). It’s these reasons and more that we normally choose not to make a bound book of our memories.

So, roll in the idea of a smash book. They’re a company that sells all these premade books and paper, they’re pretty pricey too. But the idea of a smash book is one that I like much better than a scrapbook because it’s much less formal. You do more than just pictures and words and stickers. You can put in recites and movie stubs. You use stuff like construction paper and washi tape. I print my pictures on regular office paper – is it high quality? No! But it gets the job done. Making your own smash book is as easy as getting your hands on an empty notebook with an elastic band (the thing will grow, you’ll want the elastic). I buy post it notes out of the target dollar bin and use wrapping paper if I’m using background paper at all. It’s cheaper and there’s a lot less stress about messing up.

So… SMASH IT ALL.IMG_0855 IMG_0856 IMG_0857

7 thoughts on “Smash it All:

  1. lalumii says:

    That looks so cute! I really like what you’ve done with it. Instead of a smash book, I have a visual arts journal… it’s similar, but I just do anything artistic in mine (not limited to memories and photos, etc.). Oh, and I love the idea of wrapping paper for the background. That’s a great way to add some color!

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