Annapolis, Maryland


IMG_3301The charm of this city rivaled Charleston, South Carolina. In other words- it was as cute as a button. Riddled with cute shops and restaurants (and sparrow statues) Annapolis stole my heart. I know I went to Maryland with hopes of exploring Baltimore (which will be a later post) but I have to say Annapolis was better. If I were to live in a city I would want it to be a city like this.

It was freezing though, with temperatures this week at 17 degrees it was the kind of cold that made your legs sting through your jeans. I was told by Kat that I had to come back in the summer to walk around the city in a sundress while eating ice cream.

Well, there wasn’t any ice cream but there was a caramel turtle from a candy store and a great dinner and margarita at a fancy taco place. So you could say that the food was as good as the city.

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