Personal Post-Grad Goals:


I just graduated! It’s a big step. Sadly I’m still working part-time and living at home while I look for a full-time job, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to upgrade my life. I need to start the next stage of my life whether it is ready for me or not!

So here is what I’m doing to get that upgrade and to start that next stage:

  • Apply to eight jobs a week– at least.
  • Start working out again– in addition to riding the horse. Twice I week sounds like a good number for that.
  • Read two books a month– I’ve really missed reading for fun.
  • Spend less than 30 minutes a day on social media– this is mainly for tumblr and facebook. I’ve gotten in a bad habit during college to surf and sit.
  • Pour myself into my hobbies– I haven’t had much time for them in college. Photography, learning calligraphy, graphic work… you name it.
  • Publish a blog post at least twice a week– Anna Down South has suffered a little bit over this extremely busy last semester, it’s time to revive this blog with content!
  • Continue to make time for friends– it’s the most important thing.
  • Save, save, save– I’m at home, my expenses are cut, so I need to save all the extra money. It’s time to build my savings account for when I do move out.

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