OOTD: I Showed Up in Boots

IMG_1614IMG_16131Shirt: LOFT // Shorts: American Eagle // Boots: Dan Post

Title as in the Garth Brooks song, “Blame it All on my Roots, I Showed up in Boots.” If there was ever an appropriate time to use that title I figured it involved my favorite cowboy boots – which are also the only shoes I own that cost more than $100. That’s standard for real working cowboy boots. But they’ll last me for as long as the insoles can last- then you replace them and keep wearing the boots. The ones I wear to the farm I wear every other day in tough conditions and they last for a very long time.

That’s one reason I say that if you want a pair of cowboy boots, it’s worth buying a real brand that people use to ride and work the farm in. They make really beautiful ones with that purpose!

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