Creating goals for 2019 and reflecting on those from 2018:


Looking back on my goals for 2018, I can say that I didn’t knock them all off my list, but that’s how it always goes, isn’t it? Maybe not, maybe you’re much better at this than I am. But I’m still proud of my half finished list, because a lot happened this year that wasn’t on my list, so I still feel like I came out ahead.

  • More time on hobbies, less time online: Check! But could use to do even better at this. I still spend too much time online.
  • Read the entire bible: Opps. I started strong and then faded out.
  • Be more aware of what I’m eating: Check! My diet has been so great this last year, really unrecognizable from 2017.
  • Being a better friend: Half check? I did better some months than others.
  • Read more than 30 books: I read about ten, but to be fair they were all over 600 pages. That counts, right??
  • Finish writing two novels: I finished one! Still not bad!
  • Wean myself off sleeping pills: Check, haven’t taken one in months!

Now for my upcoming goals for 2019:

  • Plan a wonderful wedding fit for my upcoming marriage: There is going to be a whole lot of wedding planning this coming year, because we’re getting married the first weekend in September! I know this is going to happen, so maybe it shouldn’t go into my goals, but having as little stress as possible throughout the process is a big enough goal in itself.
  • More time of hobbies, less time online: Let’s add it right back on to the list. There is a lot of room for improvement even though I’ve already improved on this a lot!
  • Start barrel racing again: Getting back into the sport I loved has always been something I’ve talked about, now that I’m no longer in school and finally well enough I think this spring would be perfect to get back into it!
  • Read more than 20 books: I lowered my number a bit, maybe this one is a little more realistic for a busy year.
  • Buy a house: I’ve been saving for this over the years, but I still have a lot more to do to prepare for buying a home and making it my own. Also, we have to find one!
  • Send birthday cards to everyone: I sent out Christmas cards this year (which I haven’t been the best at in the past) and I wrote paragraphs in each one of them. Getting mail with a sweet letter is always the best feeling. I want to do that more often. One of my close friends is sending all her friends cards this year so I thought I would join her!
  • Pray more: I was doing really good before things got so busy. I need to make more time for God.
  • Finish a novel: Or two, I’m not picky, but at least another one. One of the hobbies I want to spend more time on is writing.

9 thoughts on “Creating goals for 2019 and reflecting on those from 2018:

  1. live_a_life_less_ordinary says:

    Interesting! Are you willing to share? I’ve recently started a second blog of episodic fiction, even though I put my first blog on hold. It seems like I get my best creative ideas when I’m the busiest. I’m not really sure how much I’m going to do with this, though. We’ll see.

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